It’s a Bugs life

GymBug Fitness started in 2019, buying used, refurbished and liquidated stock and passing on the savings to customers on multiple platforms.

During the 2020 pandemic we were able to source equipment that had become difficult to find in the scramble for home gym products under lockdown. We did not inflate our prices to unaffordable levels and were able to supply the local community with gym equipment to enable them to exercise while stuck in their homes, unable to go to the gym.

Having grown organically, we decided to build a gym and fitness equipment business that tried to reduce the supplier/buyer/customer chain carbon footprint by trying to source and supply high quality products manufactured or remanufactured here in the UK.

We are passionate about recycling, which led us to partner with one of the largest independent gym equipment remanufacturing companies in the UK. Each product is refurbished from the bottom up, to strict ISO 9001 standards, and comes with a 6 month warranty for your peace of mind. Not only will you be saving equipment from the scrap heap, you’ll also be saving yourself vast amounts of money.

We will continue to source and champion high-quality products from the UK, wherever possible, as we know you will be getting exceptional quality equipment, built to very high standards and made to last.

Treat yourself and invest in equipment in the knowledge that you doing your bit for the planet as well as your health and fitness.

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