Trixter X Bike Spin Bike


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Gymbug can provide a fully re-manufactured Trixter X Spin Bikes that are competitive and affordable. In addition, we can tailor the equipment to the customers individual colour scheme.

At Physique Sports we pride ourselves in our quality driven reproduction processes, producing a high quality and market leading products.

The stunning commercial grade X-1000 is suitable for a variety of uses including: Health club group cycling programs, schools, personal training, cardio/strength circuit training and premium home gyms. The X-1000 features Trixter’s patented X-Bars handlebar mechanism and allows the rider to engage the upper body and core musculature along with the legs and cardiovascular system.


  • Highly durable commercial-grade indoor cycle designed for use in group cycling programs and personal training in the club or in high-end home gyms
  • Parts Technology: Premium quality forged aluminium cranks, sealed ISIS bottom bracket, two-way SPD/toe clip pedal system and comfort/performance saddle
  • Frame Quality: Manufactured entirely by Giant Bicycles, the world’s largest manufacturer of quality bicycles.
  • Rider Comfort: Micro-Adjustable rider compartment for precision fit and unbeatable rider comfort.
  • Resistance: 7 Levels of upper body resistance & 32 levels of pedaling resistance
  • Warranty: 12 Month Warranty
  • Delivery: Palleted Front door only with in 30 days.


As a specialist in manufacturing indoor spin bikes, Trixter have progressed over the last 6 years to become a popular supplier of equipment in fitness clubs, gyms, schools and homes. With the number of group spin classes at public leisure centres increasing; these facilities are looking for the best quality equipment that gives users the most beneficial workout. The Trixter spin bike products offer effective cardio training which motivates the user and simulates the feel of an outdoor road bike for added fun and excitement. With exercise bikes that cater to elite athletes, schools and members of local communities, Trixter offer some of the most versatile equipment for a range of facilities.


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