CORE Prowler Sled


CORE Prowler Sled

The CORE Plate Loaded Prowler Sled is a British manufactured fully commercial piece of gym equipment.

All CORE products are supplied as standard in silver and black.

Made to order in the UK, the CORE range also offers various levels of customisation to your specifications, including colour, upholstery and additional features. Please contact us to discus your requirements.


  • Heavy duty European sourced steel
  • Laser cut plate steel and 3D Laser cut box section for precision manufacturing
  • 2 Handle variations
  • 2 Heights of horizontal handles
  • Towing eye
  • Replaceable skid plates
  • Removable handles for transport/storage
  • Bolt on feet
  • Lifetime warranty on structural steel and welds.


  • L: 1225
  • W: 910
  • H: 925
  • Overall Weight: 38kg*

Core Gym Equipment is British manufactured fully commercial gym equipment. Utilising CNC (computer numerically controlled) manufacturing methods, Core offers precision made equipment.

We use features like tube laser tab interlocking systems to ensure that the equipment is built to extremely high levels of accuracy. As well as laser cutting, turned and machined items are also done via CNC some parts are produced to tolerances of 0.05mm!

Our Core products are constructed from heavy duty, European sourced steel profiles. This ensures our equipment is produced to very high standards. All equipment is hand built and finished, ensuring only the highest of quality.

Each piece of equipment is assembled and set up, to guarantee fit and function before leaving the premises. While trying to keep prices competitive and affordable, Core Gym Equipment’s emphasis is on equipment quality and company service, no corners are cut!

As well as standard equipment, various levels of customisation are offered to meet the client’s needs. Whether it is specialist colours or additional features on equipment, Core Gym Equipment aims to please.


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