Aqua Punchbag


Aqua Punchbag

Ideal for a variety of striking exercises for boxing, MMA or general fitness, this heavy duty bag offers increased safety and a much more responsive feel than many traditional bags.

Combat Comfort
The weight of the water within the Aqua Bag means it offers more resistance for a more challenging workout. Yet they’re easier on your joints thanks to the bag absorbing every strike evenly.

The unique teardrop shape makes the Aqua Bag ideal for training any style of striking, making it easy to throw jabs, hooks, uppercuts and more with the confidence to test any ability.

Tech Spec
The water filling and vinyl container provide a new experience compared with traditional bag materials. A unique valve system also means you can pump up each bag once it’s filled with water to keep its shape.

Product Information
Warranty: 12 months.
Materials: Vinyl / PVC outer.
Dimensions: H710mm (28in) x W550mm (22in) DIA (+/- 5%).
Weight: 85kg (187lbs) max (+/- 5%).


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