Nucleus Urethane Dumbbells



Escape Nucleus Urethane Dumbbells

With a permanently-bonded, steel head and dual lock construction, this innovative dumbbell range even features weight indications with the opportunity to customise for your brand. The unique head shape is a mathematical transition from round at the front face to an Octagon at the rear, giving the parallel faces for anti-roll benefits.

  • HANDLES: Salt spray tested chrome handles
  • BADGE: 3D embossed micro-injection badge
  • FIXING: Premium textures for squat and swing grip variation
  • LOGO: Client branding available
  • EVOLUTION EDGING: Circle-to-octagon shaping inspires anti-roll confidence
  • AVAILABLE WEIGHTS: 1-10kg (Pairs – 1kg increments). 12-50kg (Pairs – 2kg increments)
  • AVAILABLE SETS: 1-10kg, 2-20kg, 22-30kg, 32-40kg, 42-50kg
  • WARRANTY: 7 Years

  • 1kg Pair
  • 2kg Pair
  • 3kg Pair
  • 4kg Pair
  • 5kg Pair
  • 6kg Pair
  • 7kg Pair
  • 8kg Pair
  • 9kg Pair
  • 10kg Pair
  • 12kg Pair
  • 14kg Pair
  • 16kg Pair
  • 18kg Pair
  • 20kg Pair
  • 22kg Pair
  • 24kg Pair
  • 26kgPair
  • 28kg Pair
  • 30kg Pair
  • 32kg Pair
  • 34kg Pair
  • 36kg Pair
  • 38kg Pair
  • 40kg Pair
  • 42kg Pair
  • 44kg Pair
  • 46kg Pair
  • 48kg Pair
  • 50kg Pair

Please contact us to order complete sets.

  • 1-10kg Urethane Dumbbell Set
  • 2-20kg Urethane Dumbbell Set
  • 22-30kg Urethane Dumbbell Set
  • 32-40kg Urethane Dumbbell Set
  • 42-50kg Urethane Dumbbell Set

Every aspect of the Nucleus Free Weight Range has been carefully considered over two years, with decades of experience put into its development. This ensures that every aspect of design has been considered to offer the most value and benefit to members.

Texture and shaping innovation is at the forefront here, held together by a permanently-bonded, steel head and dual lock construction.These dumbbells have undergone rigorous testing and have been awarded TÜV SÜD Certification to prove they are among the best in class. TÜV SÜD Certification is awarded by the TÜV SÜD Group – one of the largest independent certification organisations in the world. Considerable time and money have been invested by both Escape and TÜV SÜD Group to develop a testing programme that has created a new benchmark for dumbbell quality. You can be confident that your investment has been manufactured to the highest standards in the industry, ensuring long-lasting quality and safety.

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