Plyosoft Box Black


Plyosoft Box Black

These soft plyometric boxes can be used individually or stacked for variable height options depending on ability and progress. Velcro tabs hold them in place for safety and confidence when stacking, and they’re light weight, so they’re easy to move while in use or for storage.

The black Plyosoft boxes are made from high-density foam filling with a durable PVC covering. Available in sizes 60cm/24in, 45cm/18in and 30cm/12in.

Online training workshops are available for plyosoft boxes and plyometric exercises. These online sessions include the benefits of plyo workouts, why you should include them in programming, and further depth about the specifics of each movement.

This range is all about no-frills equipment that is tough and effective. Classic design and usability allows users to get back to the fundamentals and concentrate on what matters – performance.


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