Fitness Corebag



Escape Fitness Corebag

This fitness space staple makes functional training even more accessible for beginners or veterans alike. Deadlift, pull, press, swing and perform many other movements in comfort through great ergonomics and practical weight progression.

With an updated design and brand new colours, the Escape Fitness Corebag has had a makeover. It’s better than ever, with a soft outer covering and improved handle comfort and ergonomics for increased functional exercise opportunities.

  • 5kg Corebag (Green)
  • 10kg Corebag (Blue)
  • 15kg Corebag (Red)
  • 20kg Corebag (Grey)
  • 25kg Corebag (Black)


  • RACKM5 5 Shelf Multi Rack: Holds 5 bags
  • RACKM10 10 Shelf Multi Rack: Holds 10 bags (as shown)


  • RACKM5: Size 700mm x 700mm x 2089mm. Weight 31kg
  • RACKM10: Size 700mmx 700mm x 2089mm. Weight 40.5kg

*Corebags sold separately.

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