Steadyball Pro



Steadyball Pro

A studio essential for balance, flexibility and strength, the Steadyball Pro will improve posture and mobility at any ability.

  • 55cm Steadyball Pro (Light Grey)
  • 65cm Steadyball Pro (Dark Grey)
  • 75cm Steadyball Pro (Black)
  • 3 Ball Rack
  • 6 Ball Rack
  • 9 Ball Rack
  • 12 Ball Rack

Key Features

  • Easily identifiable in three colour-coded sizes, suitable for all abilities.
  • 350kg weight limit to accommodate any user.
  • PVC material and textured surface ensures secure grip for any exercise.

Top Benefits

  • Challenges users through a variety of movements and exercises.
  • Perfect for balance, core and training focus and concentration.
  • Improve posture and range of motion to benefit other modalities.
  • Great induction tool or introduction to new movements for anyone.

Rack Specifications

  • RACKGB3: 700mm (L) x 933mm (W) x 2089mm (H)
  • RACKGB6: 1524mm (L) x 1112mm (W) x 2089mm (H)
  • RACKGB9: 1524mm (L) x 1112mm (W) x 2089mm (H)
  • RACKGB12: 1524mm (L) x 1524mm (W) x 2089mm (H)


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