Yoga Bundle


Yoga Bundle

Everything you need for an at-home yoga practice.

Yoga is an opportunity to care for your breath, your body, and your mind. Are you ready to make an investment in your at-home yoga set-up?

This bundle features some of the best gear you need to enhance your practice, get fit, calm your mind, and stay zen all year long.

Home yoga equipment like our Eco Yoga Mat, Steadyball, Handweights, and Ultra Flex Roller can get you great results while taking up far less space.

Pack Contents.

1 x Eco Yoga Mat: Our Eco Yoga exercise mat is toxin-free so has good environmental credentials.

1 x Steadyball (65cm): The Steadyball is specifically for core stability and balance work and has self-levelling technology.

1 x Urethane Handweights (2kg Pair): These handweights are made from hard-wearing polyurethane and designed to be durable and impact absorbing.

1 x Ultra Flex Soft Roller (Purple): The Ultraflex Soft Roller delivers a massage to keep limbs supple.


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