Dumbbell Racks



Dumbbell Racks

Storing either 10 or 15 pairs of dumbbells, these racks offer flexibility in both member use and practical placement, with adjustable feet to make the most of every bit of space in your facility.

  • 10 Pair Dumbbell Rack: Holds 20 Dumbbells
  • 15 Pair Dumbbell Rack: Holds 30 Dumbbells

Configure the feet inward for adjacent shelving or outward to create a standalone storage feature in your fitness space.


RACKDB10: Holds 20 Dumbbells (10 pairs).
RACKDB15: Holds 30 Dumbbells (15 pairs).


RACKDB10: 1964mm (1709mm if feet are turned inward) x 700mm x 755mm. Weight 60kg/132lbs.
RACKDB15: 1964mm (1709mm if feet are turned inward) x 700mm x 1147mm. Weight 80kg/176lbs.

Weight N/A
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