Competition Pro Kettlebell 2.0



Competition Pro Kettlebell 2.0

The Competition Pro Kettlebell is designed and engineered as the perfect choice for the most demanding clubs and members. A uniform size across the range and industry standard colour coding meet competition standards, while non-competitors will also find that consistent bell sizes make it easier to progress through the weights. Now it’s upgraded with more even weight distribution, extra-tough powder coating and engraved weight indicators for life-long visibility.

8kg Competition Pro Kettlebell (Purple).

12kg Competition Pro Kettlebell (Blue).

16kg Competition Pro Kettlebell (Yellow).

20kg Competition Pro Kettlebell (Grey).

24kg Competition Pro Kettlebell (Green).

28kg Competition Pro Kettlebell (Orange).

32kg Competition Pro Kettlebell (Red).

Cast stainless steel handles won’t rust. The wide, flat base is perfect for renegade rows and push-ups. A new manufacturing process has created a hollow core design that enables more of the weight to be distributed closer to the handle rather than the base.

Dedicated equipment storage is vital for member safety and contributes to a feeling of quality in a club. The storage options detailed below keep kettlebells in top condition while maintaining a smaller footprint than most alternatives. In addition, these racks also improve visibility across the fitness space.

Get the very best from your kettlebells with the instructor training course. This provides trainers and coaches with all the knowledge they need to properly implement and teach key kettlebell exercises like the swing, snatch and Turkish get-up. It also includes workouts and training to implement in your club.

ESC29RACK – Size: 47¾” x 24″ x 82″. Weight: 357 lbs.
ESC31RACK – Size: 47¾” x 41¼” x 86″. Weight: 416.6 lbs.

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