Nucleus SBX Plates



Escape Nucleus SBX Plates

With many of the same texture and tactile innovations for movement variety, these SBX grip plates offer an entry-level price point in the range but with a huge amount of practicality. Integrated handles and a grippable ridge mean that the plates are more than just about bar work; they can be used for a full-body workout.

  • HANDLES: Ergonomic handle increases workout opportunity.
  • MORE THAN JUST A DISC: Contoured grip line for finger to forearm strength.
  • WARRANTY: 3 Years.
  • LOGO: Client branding available (please contact for details).

The black styling on these plates will fit in with any colour scheme while the embossed details ensure weights are easily identifiable.

In addition to the handles for easy carrying and workout application, the contoured edges add a further challenge for fingertip and grip training.

Keep these plates on the weight tree to ensure longevity of equipment and improved safety.

SBX Grip Plates:
RBGD01: 1.25kg SBX Grip Plate
RBGD02: 2.5kg SBX Grip Plate
RBGD05: 5kg SBX Grip Plate
RBGD10: 10kg SBX Grip Plate
RBGD15: 15kg SBX Grip Plate
RBGD20: 20kg SBX Grip Plate
RBGD25: 25kg SBX Grip Plate

SBX Grip Plate Sets:
RBGD1252: 1.25-25kg SBX Grip Plate Set (2 of each)
RBGD1254: 1.25-25kg SBX Grip Plate Set (4 of each)

SBX Grip Plates Rack Set:
RBGD1254R: 1.25-25kg SBX Grip Plate Set (4 of each with Weight Tree)
Total number of PLATES = 14 per pack.

WTREE2: Size 700mm x 700mm x 1333mm. Weight 21.5kg.

Weight N/A


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